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Can I add my event to

Yes, adding events by the organizer is possible and also welcome. As an organizer, you have the opportunity to present your sporting event free of charge on and to win new participants. The more information you provide about your event online, the better potential athletes can learn and react more frequently by clicking on the given Internet address and thus visiting your website. You can add your event under Add Event

Are there any costs when my event is listed on

No, there are no costs. The events can be added free of charge and should be a service and information for all interested athletes.

Why is my site not visible online after adding it?

All entries, which are carried out on, are checked before the publication and are only visible after positive approval for all visitors. If the event is still not visible after more than one week, please contact us.

How can I upload pictures, videos or routes?

On the respective events page you can add pictures, videos and routes by clicking the button Edit event -> Add media files. The upload of media files is only permitted for organizers. To identify the organizer, the e-mail address must be indicated, which is listed on the event website. A code for adding media files is sent to this e-mail address.

How can I include a route on my site? offers a modern, clear and interactive route view for organizers, which can be integrated on the own homepage.
If an event has been added to an event, it can be found on the respective page under the "Routes" tab. With the "Embed" Button you can copy the code to your homepage. The route view can be configured variably (map type, show / hide elevation profile, etc.).

How can I change my event?

It may be that your event has already been registered on The registration was either editorial or by a website user. If you want to change or add data, go to your event and click Edit event in the upper right corner. If you have special requests for your event, or if technical faults are noticed, you can contact us directly by email at

My running event is registered under the Radevents. What can I do?

If your event is listed under the wrong section, please contact us. Changing the section is only possible by the editors. The change from us will be carried out uncomplicated and free of charge.

My event has been moved or canceled, can I make the change visible on

Yes, please write us a short e-mail from the official organizer email address. The change (e.g., date at time offset) is then highlighted.


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